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Social Security A Tri-Light & Take A Stand Initiative
Stanley Chapman
Benefits Specialist

Tri-light & Take A Stand

A Social Security Inititative

Randall Ware, CFEI

National Director

The Social Security Take A Stand Inititative

About the Founder

Founder, Randall Ware, saw that there was a disconnect between millions of Americans and their understanding of how Social Security actually works. Information pertaining to Social Security is made available for all to read, however, many Americans fail to take advantage on educating themselves on the topic. After reading the book "Medicare and You", Randall made it his mission to make this information available to the public by educating them through Take A Stand, a Social Security Initiative. 

Tri-Light Take A Stand Mission

Tri-Light & Take A Stand Social Security Initiative educates business owners, families, and people of all ages to make qualified financial decisions to keep Social Security strong for current and future beneficiaries. We host workshops, seminars, and social awareness programs where we inform the public about the benefits of Social Security and the short-and long-term challenges it faces. 


Tri-Light and Take A Stand is dedicated to providing unbiased financial education to create a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of their loved ones and the lives of the people they impact. We stand for Social Responsibility, Self-Accountability, and Community.